Talent Path


Devon Marantz

This man is a natural leader. I worked with him on our training project during Talent Path as a Software Engineer; Devon was the product owner and oversaw the product's progression as a whole. He consistently proved that he is able to listen to advice / ideas as well as give clear direction toward short-term and long-term goals. Furthermore, his positive attitude made working with him an absolute breeze. I would gladly work with Devon now or any time in the future and have no doubt that he will accomplish great things.

Jonathan Azali

Jonathan is a wonderful coworker and team builder. I worked with him at Talent Path, during our training session, and enjoyed his presence as work. His energy and pursuit of knowledge inspires coworkers to jump on any and all tasks. Being a military man, Jonathan has a natural air of leadership and confidence when he enters the room; that confidence is contagious and motivated me during moments of hesitation.

Ervin Mitra

Ervin is the genius behind our out of the box thinking. He enjoys working with problems that have vague and currently unknown solutions. Furthermore, he can size up a situation and make a creative suggestion where many, including myself, may stop and say, "it can't be done". Finally, Ervin's funny personality lightens the work environment and makes him a pleasure to work with.

Brock Jameson

Brock is the silent mastermind that ensures his team is moving in the right direction. He speaks with purpose and intelligence making him someone that people respect and value. Furthermore, Brock listens intently to suggestions and offers honest and constructive feedback when asked. I would gladly work with Brock on any future project as he is a great asset and wonderful teammate.

Kevin Amaryabar

I had the pleasure of working with Kevin during our training at Talent Path and would love to work with him in the future. Kevin's wit and humor along with his intelligent design skills making him an invaluable member to any team. Furthermore, Kevin isn't afraid to ask questions and suggest his own ideas when many shy away from difficult topics. I have no doubt that Kevin will do great things and hope to be part of it in the days coming.