Gatsby is great. A couple things that most developers will look for when getting into new technologies are its community following and documentations. Since ReactJs is booming right now, Gatsby is gaining popularity as a static site generator. Secondly, Gatsby's documentation is outstanding and visually appealing. Check out their docs.

I am using Gatsby to convert my professional portfolio that we started at the beginning of training. Luckily, the coversion process from html / css only code to React isn't too difficult with stateless functional components.

Stateless component declared as a function that has no state and returns the same markup given the same props.

const Hello = () => {
  return <h1>Hello</h1>;

These blog posts are all written in markdown originally. However, I had no idea how to translate markdown files into HTML pages. My description of the process was "it's magic". I had no idea what the block box static site generator was going to do when I fed it those files. Gatsby does a good job in their tutorial explaining each step of the process.

Finally, I was introduced to GraphQL, an alternative network specification to REST, through this tutorial suggested in the Gatsby docs. It highlights its robust quality of getting the exact data needed through one GraphQL endpoint instead of combining / disregarding data from one / several REST endpoints. I would highly recommend checking them out because it is gaining in popularity among popular API providers.

Thank you for reading!