Video Interviews

Talent Path

  1. Tell us about a most-recent challenging business situation/role/project you’ve faced?

    1. At my previous position as managing director at California Junior Lifeguards Inc., I led 60-100 participants and 6-10 lifeguards each day. The job was a challenge in itself, but the most challenging part was finding a replacement that could take up my role after I left. My current staff, at the time, did not have the experience to lead that size of a group and I did not want to force someone into that position if they were not ready for it. So, I put my networking skills to the test and reached out to another lifeguard from the Cal State Long Beach ASI who had teaching experience as well as some management experience. This past summer, I guided this person through the business practices and responsibilities of a managing director as well as the various "hats" that an instructor / lifeguard at the beach needed to be aware of. Luckily, this employee loved the position and thrived in the environment.
  2. How do you work in a fast-paced environment? Can you give an example and how you manage that?

    1. To elaborate on my time at California Junior Lifeguards, I worked with children age 6 to 13 with a total group size of 60 to 110 per day. We would have 7 hour days full of activities, lecturing, and physical exercises. All day, every day it was a fast-paced work environment that kept you up and on your feet. In order to manage that large, diverse group of participants, I utilized a wonderful group of staff members to delegate the work. Each lifeguard / instructor had a maximum of 12 participants that they had to manage and would report to me if they needed an extra member for a special activity or teach a lesson that they were not yet comfortable with. The appropriate use my employee's skills and energy saved me a lot of headaches and allowed me to focus more on big picture tasks, like:
    2. Group planning
    3. Lesson planning
    4. Customer service
    5. Participant paperwork
  3. What are the top 3 most important things to you in a role/position?

    1. The 3 most import things to me in a role / position are: communication, integrity, and motivation.
    2. Communication: Anywhere you work, whether you are a software engineer, business analyst, client, or CEO, you will have to talk to those around you; clear, effective communication makes businesses run smoothly.
    3. Integrity: I need to know that people I work with are trustworthy and that they find me trustworthy. When you trust each other at work, you can rely on them to do what they say they will do without wasting time micro-managing other employees or vice-versa.
    4. Motivation: there will be a time in any job that will make you want to stop and quit. You must be motivated to get past those moments, not give up, and find a solution through alternative means or simply by taking a break and tackling it later.
  4. Tell us about yourself, work/school experience and why you pursued a career in Software Engineering.

    1. Originally, I was majoring in Electrical Engineering; I knew that I loved math and science and my grandpa, whom I deeply admire, was an electrician. So, I thought being an electrical engineer wasn't a half bad idea. However, I soon realized that the physics you would encounter regularly as an engineer did not appeal to me. After a long talk with my grandpa, he reminded me of my love for video games and technology and advised me to look into programming. I started off with an introduction course to Java and fell in love. I have been moving toward being a hard working software engineer (developer) ever since and continue to learn new concepts every day. It is a challenging, engaging career and I would not want to be anything else.
  5. What three words would your prior leaders use to describe you?

    1. Cheerful
    2. Motivational
    3. Hard-working