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Sorry, but I will keep this short. We are doing a lot of project work this week and I want to make sure I am available for my team.

We are in the middle of sprint 2 and are applying the changes from our previous code review to make sure we have a working application to show off to potential clients if they are interested in a working version of our app.

Aura is going well, but we might have to model our database differently because we cannot get the ambience attribute from the yelp api (the selling point of our application). Some possible suggestions are to:

  • Store yelp's business ID in our database and append our aura data to the information that our 3rd party api provides.
  • Users can tag locations and we can use the tags to create aura data. (For future scope)

The scope has been paired down to work in LA and might be futher paired down to coffee shops in LA.


Article: Surge VS GitHub Pages: How to deploy a create-react-app project

Our project that we are working with is currently deployed with GitHub Pages, a wonderful web hosting service that takes your repositories on GitHub and hosts a webpage per repository.

Right now, we don't have a framework attatched to our project, but we will use React, so I want to integrate our current working directory with React and still use GitHub pages. Luckily this article discusses and plugin called gh-pages.

To use a react app, install "gh-pages" from npm and add these two scripts to your package.json

"scripts" : {
  "predeploy": "npm run build",
  "deploy": "gh-pages -d build",

And then run

npm run deploy

to build and create the "gh-pages" branch in your remote repository.

After you configure your repository to target the "gh-pages" branch, then you are good to go!! 🎉

Thank you for reading.