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Talent Path

We just finished our fourth week at here at Talent Path LA. I want to share some interesting information I learned about the "Data Down / Actions Up" philosophy and Web Components, a feature that most JavaScript frameworks use in their core programming.

Near the beginning of the week, our cohort went through some codealongs that demonstrated how object-oriented programming in JavaScript looks and feels. Interestingly, it is not much different in theory compared to many of the other object-oriented heavy languages (C++, Java, C#) when discussing abstraction, inheritance, encapsulation and (everyone's favorite) polymorphism. However, a concept that was foreign to me was the "Data Down / Actions Up" philosophy. In short, the browser is built in a way that favors the passing of data down the DOM tree and listening to events up the DOM tree; hence "Data Down / Actions Up". If you would like to learn more, please click here for a good reference.

Andrew Maney, our front-end developer instructor, did a wonderful job explaining that most of the web frameworks that are present right now (the top 3 being react, angular, and vue) can be built using vanilla JavaScript.

Imagine that!

Mozilla's web docs provide a wonderful description, as per usual, about the steps to create reusable components when developing. If you are interested in learning about them, click here for the docs or here for Andrew's implementation.

Most people are interested in using frameworks, because it disguises some of the harder to understand details of browser APIs. However, if you are only skilled in frameworks then you will be extremely frustrated when those frameworks are no longer popular. Therefore, learning a good foundation of JavaScript can save you some research in the future because you understand the underlying structure of browsers. I cannot wait to have my mind blown more, next week!

Group Projects

Near the end of the week, each of us could come up with a project pitch to share with the class. Out of six pitches, the cohort voted for our favorite pitches; the top two were chosen and our cohort split into two teams. On Friday, we did our first performance evaluations with Morris Brown and worked independently on our projects in the meantime.


Article: How To Keep Up To Date As A Software Developer

This is going to be a meta-response to how to keep up to date when being a developer, software engineer, [enter title here].


I totally agree that you have to have a community of people behind you to make you interested in what you do and to make sure you have the correct support to fix anything with the popular software in the market.


Make sure to keep up with blogs, or write one yourself **hint hint**.


Listen to podcasts on your downtime. I have been listening to Syntax on my way to work and it makes the commute so much more enjoyable.


Take your learning to the online realm. Make sure you keep up to date with new trends by reading docs, watching tutorial videos, or working with new projects on your spare time.


Share your interest with your coworkers. Maybe that cool guy next to you has this wicked music app that will change the world. You never know until you ask!


Thanks again for reading this far. Have a lovely day and keep learning new things.